Manta rays at Koh Bon

The scuba divers had a great experience at the  Koh Bon dive site. For the entire 50 minutes dive a group of four manta rays was circling around them and giving them a great show like ballet dancers going up and down.

Koh Bon lays north of the Similan islands and is part of the Similan islands national park. It’s famous and one of the best places to see these knights of the ocean. They use the Koh Bon pinnacle as a cleaning station. They hang in the currents and small cleaning fishes eat the parasites and dead skin. The best time to see them is from January till April. But also outside these months, we’ve often had encounters. If you would like to manta rays at Koh Bon you can join one of the daily diving trips or if you’ve more time and want to do some more dives, you can join one of the liveaboard trips

Help protect the Manta rays

Made some photos of a manta ray? You can help to identify and protect them by sending your UW photo of a manta ray to Manta matcher

GoPro HD video by Bertram Kuehl

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