Boulder city dive site information

Boulder City dive site

About Similan islands dive site Boulder City

Boulder City- Only 1 kilometre southeast of Similan Island 3 (Koh Pa-Yan), and about 400 meters of Shark Fin Reef, hundreds of huge granite boulders and rocks are spread out underwater in such a way, giving the impression of a city layout. Boulder City is a deep and expansive dive site where the shallowest of boulder lie around 12m and the deepest at 40m with gaps of 30-40m between the 3 main pinnacles, stretched out on a sand bottom.

Anemone coral

The boulders are generally smooth with few corals although the surface area of the boulders is covered with soft coral like the stunning fluorescent pink Anemone Coral. Golden gorgonian fans and sea whips feed in the currents at the sides and in the cracks of the boulders.
Boulder City is a great searching site, looking in crevices and finding colourful marine life.



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