Humphead wrasse at Koh Bon

The humphead wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus) is also known as the Napoleon fish, Maori wrasse or Napoleon wrasse. It mainly found on the  Indo-Pacific region coral reefs. This wrasse is the largest in the family of wrasses, they live up to 50 years and can grow up to 2.30 meters and weigh over 180 kilos. 

At Koh Bon you can see the humphead wrasse in the deeper areas of the dive site. Roaming through coral reefs in search of hard-shelled prey such as crustaceans, mollusks, or starfish. One of the starfish on their diet is the crown-of-thorn-starfish. This starfish eats coral and overpopulation of this starfish can bring immense damage to the coral reefs. Therefore a healthy population of humphead wrasse keeps this starfish in check.

The diver who shot this video joined a liveaboard trip and saw it on an early morning dive. Early morning and around sunset is a good time for making a dive. 

Unfortunately, the humphead wrasse population is under threat due to living fish trade and consumption. The WWF considers this fish as Endangered species.



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