Clown frogfish at the Similan islands Thailand

The diver who went on the liveaboard trip, shooting this video, has a good eye. The frogfish is a small fish and are masters in camouflage. They are hard to spot and mostly lay still and don’t move.

The clown frogfish is also known as the warty frogfish. The Latin name is Antennarius maculatus. It’s not easy to spot this predator on the coral reefs. The frogfish is a relatively small fish. They can reach a length of up to 15 centimeters.  The body is globulous and can extend. The color can be changed to match the color of the surrounding environment. As you can see in this video, the body covered with algae and polyps to create a perfect camouflage. 

The frogfish is moving slowly on the coral reef using its fins for walking around the reefs. It isn’t an active predator but laying on the reef waiting for fish to pass by, using its camouflage to get unseen. Once the prey is close enough it opens it open its jaws enlarging the volume of the mouth cavity up to twelve-fold, sucking the water along with the prey into the mouth.

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